What We Want

1. WE want individuals to support immigrant workers by staying home from work, closing down shops and participating in our action on Monday, May 1st, 2017.
2. WE want the business community to support immigrants and workers by allowing them to have a day off on May 1st without retaliation. Immigrants strengthen our economy by creating millions of jobs every year, running almost a fifth of the small businesses across America.
3. WE want leaders from across the political spectrum and organizations throughout the country to stand strong against bigotry and hate. Scapegoating immigrants is not the answer to a more prosperous country. It sows the seeds of division and rancor among community members.
4. WE want Congress to stop funding the Trump administration’s mass deportation forces. Congress shouldn’t give the Trump administration any money for additional ICE agents, border patrol agents, detention beds, or a border wall. Congress must not give the Trump administration more resources to terrorize immigrant families and hurt the economy for all working people.
5. WE want Immigration reform. - Our economy would be stronger and our nation would be a better place to live in every way if undocumented immigrants could come out of the shadows and join the formal economy. Commonsense immigration reform would reduce the exploitation of immigrant workers and reduce employers’ incentive to hire undocumented workers.

Putting together a national day of action is not easy, nor is it cheap. Every single dollar counts and everything helps! Thank you!