The Trump administration’s criminalization of immigrants is not only an assault on the civil rights of communities of color but a dangerous path that is already having dramatic consequences in communities across the country as hate crimes against immigrants and those perceived to be foreigners continue to spread. 

It is our responsibility, as Americans, to uphold the values that we share:

  • The right to fight for our families.
  • The right to worship as we please.
  • The rights of workers.
  • The right to a free and fair election.
  • The right to fight discrimination and hate where we see it.

How do we do this?

  • We do so by condemning these discriminatory laws and using our voice and the power of our vote to elect representatives that truly embody our belief in equality and humanity. 
  • We do so by holding Congress accountable. Our legislative branch bears the responsibility to check on executive power and make sure our laws reflect our values of inclusion and respect for diversity and due process.

The action on May 1st will be lifting up a giant that embodies the power that working people hold in their hands, with their voices, and with their presence. Join us May 1 in a city near you.

CASA in Action, as one of the immigrant-rights organizations leading the march in Washington D.C., is committed to hearing all voices who want to fight for the rights of immigrants, Muslims, for the bargaining power of unions and fight against mass deportations, banning of immigrants and Muslims and equal protection under the law. 32BJ SEIU’s duty as a union representing immigrant and US-born workers is to unite our voices and demand that our country stays true to our core values as a nation of immigrants. Together, they have teamed up with Los Angeles based creative agency, DEC Artists, to create a multi level activation that will work to expose this anti-immigrant agenda, register voters, and support candidates who will fight for equal protection of the law on behalf of people of color and immigrant communities across the country.